Promotion of Proceedings of Conference “Military Preofesison in Serbia – State-of-the-art, Perspectives”
June 18, 2010

Strategic Research Institute promoted Proceedings of the recently held conference entitled:  “Military Profession in Serbia – State-of-the-art, Perspectives” on June 18, 2010. The event was attended by authors and many experts coming from the Ministry of Defense, General Staff  and a number of fellows from academic society. Jovanka Saranovic, PhD, Acting Head of the Strategic Research Institute, pointed out that this activity is one part of a middle-term project and that other research studies will be done in the future. Lieutenant-General professor Bozidar Forca, PhD, gave a word on the theory-practice relations and suggested further research on the topic. Mihajlo Basara, PhD, a former Head of the Institute, confirmed importance of and need for wider research efforts on the set of aspects of the military profession.


Bastian Giegerich, PhD gave a lecture at SRI
June 15, 2010

Bastian Giegerich, PhD, researcher at International Institute for Strategic Studies in London gave a lecture on June 15th 2010, to defence system representatives, on the following topic: „New NATO’s Strategic Concept and Transatlantic Relations”. During the lecture, Giegerich, PhD pointed out that NATO remains key organization of collective defence of its members and firm pillar of global security. He also emphasized that NATO has to keep up with a transformation and adaptation of its capabilities for response to already known and some new threats. In new threats he included threats in cyber space, endangering of key communication lines for supplying and protection of energy and some other important infrastructures. Giegerich, PhD thinks that NATO should enhance cooperation with partners in its near and wider surroundings, especially with Russia, EU, as well as with other international organizations.

SRI Researchers participated at „SYMORG 2010”
June 12, 2010

The twelfth International Symposium on the Organizational sciences, SYMORG 2010, was held on June 09-12, 2010, at Zlatibor, and organized by Faculty of Organizational Sciences from the University of Belgrade. Main topic of the symposium was “Knowledge management and organizational sciences”. There were papers of three researchers from Strategic Research Institute, colonel Nebojsa Nikolic, PhD, pointed out “Specific and development of scientific and educational type of career of military officers”, LtC Srdjan Milenkovic, PhD, showed research results on the topic: “Organization and tacit knowledge”, and LtC Miroslav Mitrovic, MA, presented paper entitled: “Capacities of influence of interest groups in the integration process phase”.