Representatives from Institute visited Ministry of Defence of Republic of France
April 17, 2010

Colonel PhD Katarina Strbac, Head of Division for strategic analysis and security integrations and researcher LtC MA Sava Savic, visited Ministry of Defence of Republic of France, from 15th to 17th April 2010. They visited  Delegation aux Affaires Strategigues – DAS, Institut Français des realtions Internationales – IFRI and Institut de recherche stratégique de l’école militaire - IRSEM. At meetings, it was concluded that there is a need for expansion and recruitment of military institutions’ cooperation  from both states, particularly in security and defence research, to enable issuing of articles from both side, exchange publications, participations of researchers from both states at international conferences and scientific congresses, visits of researchers, including possibility of short-time stations of researchers from French institutions in Strategic Research Institute of  Ministry of Defence of Republic of Serbia and vice versa, for perfection, change of experiences or to make terminal products.

Round Table «Security And Defense Aspects of Serbian Integration to The European Union»
March 30, 2010

The Round Table entitled “Security and defense Aspects of Serbian Integration to The European Union”, organized by The Strategic Research Institute(SRI), was held on March 30th 2010. The Round Table is a part of a broader scientific-research project ran by the Institute on the same topic. In opening remarks, the director of the Institute Ltc.-Gen.  Milan Zarić  spoke on planned tasks of the Project. The Round Table was organized in form of three panels. The determining elements of security and defense aspects of Serbian integration to the EU were envisaged within Panel no. 1. Panel no. 2 referred to the European Security and Defense Policy, while Panel no. 3 was focused on conditions for EU membership.

The Participants of the Round Table were experts from: Ministry of Defense, Serbian Armed Forces, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior Affairs, The Serbian Government’s EU Integration Office, faculties of Belgrade University and other scientific institutions which treat security and defense issues. The head of The Military Medical Academy, Maj-Gen. Prof. Miodrag Jevtić, M.D., and PhD was present at the opening ceremony too.

PhD Jovanka Saranovic at the Regional Conference "Women's involvement in the management of building security and defense institutions"
March 26, 2010
Head of the Department of Defense Studies from Strategic Research Institute, PhD Jovanka Saranovic participated at the Regional Conference "The involvement of women in the management of building security and defense institutions," held in Sarajevo from 24 to 26 March 2010. The conference discussed the following topics: the issue of gender equality in the global and regional context, the issue of gender equality in the army and police, as well as in the context of maintaining peace and building security and defense institutions. There were discussions on NATO's Action Plan in accordance with UN resolutions No.1325, 1820, 1888, 1889, then about the Action Plan of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and about the role of media in the perception of this important issue. During the conference, PhD Saranovic submitted the results of scientific research on the topic "Engaging Women’s Leadership in Security and Defence Institution Building - Experience of the Republic of Serbia". Conference participants were representatives of the UN, EU, NATO, DCAF, UNDPKO, representatives of the region’s countries - Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as representatives of civil society and academic community.