Researcher Anita Djordjevic MS, at scientific conference "Empirical research in psychology"
February 06, 2010

Researcher Anita Djordjevic MS participated in the 16th  scientific conference "Empirical research in psychology", which was held at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, on 05 and 06  February 2010. The conference was organized by the Institute of Psychology and Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, University of Belgrade, with 250 participants and 138 papers,  The conference was opened with speeches given by:  professor dr Bora Kuzmanovic on behalf of the Institute of Psychology, professor Aleksandar Kostic on behalf of the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, and associate professor dr Dragica Pavlovic as President of the Scientific Committee meeting. In addition to authors from the Republic of Serbia, the meeting was also attended by psychologists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Among the reported works were papers by authors from the Netherlands and the United States where co-authors of those papers were colleagues from Serbia.

Anita Djordjevic MS thesis defended at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nis
December 28, 2009

Research assistant Anita Djordjevic defended her master thesis at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nis, on December 28, 2009. The title is "Affective attachment, educational and professional orientation styles of adolescents." This is Anita Djordjevic earned academic degree "Master of psychological science."  Anita Djordjevic MS thesis defended before a committee composed of: supervisor Associate Professor Dr. Tatjana Stefanovic-Stanojevic and members - Dr. Elizabeth Todorović, Zorica Markovic, PhD, Dr. Blagica Zlatković and Vladimir Hedrih.

Professor Radoslav Stojanovic, PhD. Gave a Lecture to Members of the Serbian Ministry of Defense
December 16, 2009

Professor Radoslav Stojanovic, PhD. gave a lecture about Serbia’s request for an advice regarding the Kosovo’s declaration of independence given to the International Court of Justice in Hague. The lecture was organized by the SRI in “Banjica” barracks on December 16, 2009. Professor Stojanovic is an expert for international law and on this occasion he discussed the ongoing court process and point out legal arguments of the Republic of Serbia in that process. Professor Stojanovic was the Head of the Serbia and Montenegro’s Defense team regarding Bosnia and Herzegovina’s lawsuit against Serbia and Montenegro for aggression and genocide to the International Court of Justice, and he also discussed elements of that case. The lecture was introduced by SRI Director Lt.-General Milan Zaric, M.Sc.