New Years gift’s at Strategic Research Institute
December 31, 2014

The Strategic Research Institute organized New Year’s gifts for children of the employees. Children celebrated the last day of 2014, and enjoyed in conversation with Santa Claus. Each kid recited a song or a poem. Santa Claus awarded gifts to the best recital.

It was a good opportunity for children to visit the institution in which their parents are employed.


Basic training in the field of Gender equality for the ’trustworthy person’
December 18, 2014

Basic training in the field of Gender equality for the ’trustworthy person’, was carried out on December 18, 2014, in the meeting hall of the Strategic Research Institute, with the help and support of the team from the UNDP/SEESAC.

The training was carried out by: Lieutenant Colonel Nebojsa Miščević and major Damir Jeina from the Department of Training and Doctrine Command (J7) SAF, subliutenant Dušica Radovanović from the First Training Center in Sombor and Tatjana Višacki from the Strategic Research Institute, which is part of the instructor’s team for gender equality in the MoD and who were trained by the Nordic  Center for gender in military operations.

The training was attended by eleven persons appointed for a person of trust in units of the Ministry of Defence, for some of this was the first training on gender equality. In the evaluation questionnaires, participants rated training program as excellent and highlighted well prepared and enthusiastic instructor. They added that the training helped them to understand what Gender equality is and why it is important for the defense system and also that they will use this knowledge in further work.


Strategic Research Institute visited by the delegation of the University of Defense of Indonesia
December 17, 2014

The Strategic Research Institute was visited today by the delegation of the University of Defense of Indonesia, led by Dean of the Defense Strategy Faculty, Major General Sayful Anwar, PhD. The aim of the visit was mutual introduction to history, responsibilities and results of the Strategic Research Institute and the University of Defense of Indonesia, as well as analysis of opportunities to establish cooperation.

Director of the Strategic Research Institute, Jovanka Šaranović, PhD, informed the visitors on history and organization of work at the Institute (being the only research-institution from area of social sciences and humanities at the defense system of Serbia). She also presented the most important results achieved so far, with a special reflection on international cooperation in realization of scientific-research projects.

General Anwar presented the University of Defense of Indonesia, as a joint high-education institution of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Defense, which was established in 2009, in order to take role of the leading intellectual institution in defence studies and contribute to defense transformation through development of education. Further, he informed the representatives of the SRI in detail on organizational structure, existing educational and research programs, publication activities and plans for the future of the University of Defense of Indonesia.

In the closing part of the meeting, the conclusion was made that there is a significant potential to establish bilateral cooperation in areas of military history, defense studies, strategic analyses and secutity estimations, publication of research results and military-archival science. Regarding that, a general agreement was made that with a letter of intentions there should be initiated the procedure of drafting an additional agreement on bilateral scientific-research cooperation which would be based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on cooperation in defense (currently in force).