Visit of foreign military representatives accredited to the Republic of Serbia
November 19, 2014

Strategic Research Institute, 19 November 2014, visited foreign military representatives accredited to the Republic of Serbia. The aim of the visit was to familiarise foreign military representatives with the history, responsibilities and results of the only scientific institution in the field of social sciences and humanities in the defense system. In her opening remarks, the Director of the Institute PhD Jovanka Šaranović, after the presentation of her associates, intruduced them with organization of the Institute and the most important achievments in previous period. It is particularly emphasied aspect of inetrnational cooperation wich the Institute achieved during the implementation of research projects, as well as full interest to affirm international cooperation even more in the Future. With guests were exchanged experiences concerning the organization of scientific research and highlighted the imprtance of improving relations withsimilar Institutions. On this occasion, were presented letters of thanks to the Defense Attaché of the Kingdom of Sweden for successful cooperation in the previous period.

Education on Building Integrity in Human Resources Management of the Defence System
September 04, 2014

Researcher at the Strategic Research Institute (SRI) of the Defence Policy Sector, Civil Servant Milan S. Milutinović, gave a lecture on the topic “Building Integrity in Human Resources Management of the Defence System”, at the Seminar on Work of the Personnel Management Service, held at the House of Guards (Topčider) 03-04 09 2014. The seminar was organized by the Personnel Department of the Human Resources Sector, Ministry of Defence, to discuss the most current topics and adjust standpoints on practical use of the new legislative regulation of great significance for human resources management.

The seminar was attended by 68 members of personnel management service, coming from organizational units of the MoD and the Serbian Armed Forces. Through presentation of representative of the SRI and discussion with participants of the seminar, the following issued were analyzed: the term of integrity and sources of corruption in personnel management policy of the defence system, successful measures of anticorruption, as well as the activities of the MoD and SAF in area of Building Integrity, being performed in 2014.


Presentation of the book "In Step with Time: Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces on the Road of Gender Equity Objectification"
December 16, 2011

The presentation of the book "In Step with Time: MoD and SAF on the Road of Gender Equity Objectification" by Dr Jovanka Saranovic and Dr Zoran Kilibarda was held at the Ceremonial Hall of the Central Military Club in Belgrade on December 16th, 2011. The book is a Serbian-English monograph publication which presents the scientifically substantiated information about the characteristics of women and their involvement in the MoD and the SAF. The book is published by the Strategic Research Institute and "Odbrana" Media Centre, with the financial support from Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF).

The reviewers of the book, Dr Nevena Petrusic, Dr Marija Dubravka Pineda (through video submission), and Col. Dr Jan Marcek addressed to the audience. They pointed out that the monograph is a historiography valuable publication which offers a review of current gender regime in the army, thus disproving the stereotypes according to which military service is typically a male job, that it is a study of how women should and can be incorporated into the armed forces in the modern world, and that it is a synthesis of years of research aimed at understanding the adaptation of women in our military, which has a theoretical and an empirical component.

2nd Lt. Vanja Mrdja, the best female cadet in class, shared her experiences from studies at the Military Academy, and from her commanding duties at the 246th RBCD Battalion in Krusevac. At the presentation the sketch was also performed, from the upcoming TV series "Military Academy", that will be premiered on January 28th, 2012.

At the end of presentation, the authors pointed out that the book is a testimony about what has been done in the defence system in the last decade regarding the gender equality plan, as well as that there is enough space left for future steps on that road.