General Jovan Miskovic

He was born on July 6th, 1844 in Negotin.
He was one of the most intelligent Serbian officers and the most prolific military writer of the 19th century.
He was the assistant of the prince Milan and military minister since 1878. He was appointed as a military minister in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, although Serbia had five active generals at the time. In 1882 he was appointed as Chief of the General Department of the General Staff. Since 1883 he was the Chief of Active Army Staff, since 1886 the Commander of the Sumadija Division, since 1888 Chief of the General Staff, and in the period 1890 – 1893 King’s Aleksandar Obrenovic governor. He became a member of the Serbian Royal Academy in 1892, and was its president from 1900 – 1903.
Beside numerous texts in the magazines, he had also published: Traveling across Serbia, 1874; Report from the Rudnik County with photographs and maps, 1872; Knjazevac County, 1881; Topographic Dictionary of the Jagodina County (1884 and 1886); Hydrograph of the Independent Serbian Principality, 1880; Kosovo Battle, 1890; Serbian Army and Fights during the Rebellion 1804 – 1815, 1895; Serbia – Turkish War; Infantry fighting Model, 1876; Remarks on Troops’ Tactical Trainings, 1887; Infantry in the Serbian Army, 1887.
He died on October 20th, 1908 in Belgrade.