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Strategic Research institute is publishing the first www issue of the Security Studies Journal. This journal is a part of the research improvement project donated by Norwegian Ministry of Defense. Around 10 young researchers work in the SRI, researchers who have finished Military Academy (specialized in arms of service or technical divisions), Faculty of Political Science or Faculty of Philosophy (Psychology and History Department). Some of them attend PhD studies and some M.Sc. studies. In their thesis they are working on military-political and security issues and trying to improve and widen the knowledge about security sector and its general importance in the reforming process and democratic transition in the Serbian society. Until now those young researchers have published their papers in national expert magazines or in some military journals. By working in the Institute they have been given the opportunity (but also an obligation) to publish their results and to compare them with other young researchers’ work in this field, on the both national and international level. The main intention was to enable young Institutes’ researchers to present their analysis and to make them available for the criticism of experts and amateur public. Since many of young officers and members of the Serbian Ministry of Defense and the Military Academy students attend PhD, master or specialized studies in the fields of security, the web page of our journal is opened for them, too. In that way they become possible associates and future researchers of the Institute. We are hoping that in the future we will have some other associate authors who work in the same field on faculties, in media or NGO sector. A wide network of associates will provide a large number of issues that could be presented in a competent manner. Serbian security sector is full of inherited unsolved and painful problems which are waiting to be resolved. Problems seen in their full depth and width could be a good beginning. Global and national security, reform of the Serbian security sector, its place in the wider concept of society reforms and joining the EU, regional and global integration concepts – those are the main research fields for all potential young authors.

Editor in Chief
Colonel Mihajlo Basara, PhD.

Editorial Staff
Lt. Col. Katarina Strbac, PhD.,
Jovanka Saranovic, PhD.,
Milan Terzic, PhD,
мр Тања Ристић,
Cap. Miljan Milkic


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Journal of Military History


The Journal of Military History (JMH) is an expert magazine in the field of military history and ranks as a national magazine, according to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Development of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian National Library. The Military History Institute has published this journal in Belgrade since 1950. After the organizational reforms in 2006, it became a magazine of the Section for Military History, which a part of the Strategic Research Institute.

Editorial staff: Col. Mihajlo Basara, PhD., the director of the SRI, president;. Milan Terzic, PhD, SRI associate, editor; Col.. Vinfrid Hineman, PhD, German Department for military history research;. Shaul Shy, PhD, director of the Israeli Institute for Military History Research; Prof.. Milan Ristovic, PhD, History Department, Faculty for Philosophy; Prof. Ljubodrag Dimic, PhD., History Department, Faculty for Philosophy; Radmila Radic, PhD., advisor in the Institute for Recent Serbian History; Mile Bjelajac, PhD., advisor in the Institute for Recent Serbian History; Dragan Bogetic, PhD., advisor in the Institute for Recent Serbian History; Velimir Ivetic, M. Sc. retired colonel; Slavica Ratkovic-Kostic, PhD., SRI; Cap. Dalibor Denda, researcher at the SRI; Dmitar Tasic, M.Sc., researcher at the SRI.

Editor in chief: Milan Terzic, PhD.
Secretary: Cap. Dalibor Denda

The journal is published twice a year.

Texts can be sent to the following address:
Strategic Research Institute – Military History Department
38 Neznanog junaka st, Belgrade
Phone No. +381 11 2063-519 and -381 11 2063-553
Military phone No. 29-519 and 29-553
Texts will not be returned.

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