Honor General Jovan Dragasevic

He was born on February 4th, 1836 in Pozarevac.
He was one of the Serbian warfare founders and one of the most significant Serbian military philosophers in the 19th century. He had left indelible trace on education of young Serbian officers, military science development and creation of new perspectives in the Serbian Army.
He was a professor in the Artillery School for 26 years (he taught General and Serbian History, Geography, Warfare History, Strategy, Statistics and Stylistics). He was the founder, owner and editor of our first military magazine “Vojin”, and he edited military magazine “Ratnik” as a Chief of the History Department of the General Staff. He was regular member of the Serbian Learned Society and Serbian Royal Academy.
Beside numerous articles in the “Vojin” and “Ratnik”, he had also published: Military Stylistics, 1871; Military Statistics, 1875; Soldiers’ Eloquence, 1876; Military Geography Principles, 1876; Homolje, 1876; Illyrian (Balkan) Peninsula from the Military Point of View, 1881; Structure for the War History 1876, 1883; Military Geography, 1885; Illyrian Peninsula from the Military Point of View (II), 1885; Illyrian (Balkan) Peninsula, 1901; and Military Geography of the Illyrian (Balkan) Peninsula, 1903.
He died on July 1st, 1915 in Nis.