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Field Marshal Radomir Putnik

He was born on January 12th, 1847 in Kragujevac.
The rank of field marshal he obtained in 1912 as the first Serbian officer with that title.
He was the Chief of Staff in the Danube Division in 1883, the regiment commander in 1885 and he commanded the Sumadija Division in a period 1893 – 1896.
He was retired in 1896 due to his rigid attitude that the soldier should practice military works rather than politics. In 1903 when King Petar Karadjordjevic the First ascended a throne, Putnik was reactivated and became the Chief of the General Staff. He was on that duty until he died on May 4th 1917, with several interruptions when he was military minister.
He participated in six wars, and he led Serbian Army as a Chief of the General Staff in three of them. He had the most responsible roles in the Army at the time and left indelible trace on the Serbian warfare.
He was devoted to equipping the Serbian Army with the most recent armament, as well as to improvement of the organization and training. He was also a professor on the Military Academy (General Staff, Tactics).
He had published: The Manual for Artillery Officers, 1883; General Staff, Service during the Peace Time (I Part), 1890; General Staff, Service during the Peace Time (II Part), 1899.